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Postby arti » Thu Dec 29, 2005 11:51 am

Sangeet or Musicis a vital part of our life.It not only gives relaxation but it is like a divine art form.It is difficult to say when did the music or sangeet originated but the origin of music go back to the Vedas,long time back during the transitional period between the two ages people started behaving in uncivilised ways,they were ruled by lust and greed.They started hating and were jealous of each other.Seeing this plight God Indra and others went to meet God Brahma to get solution in this regard so that the man kind can come out of the bad ways,they requested Brahma to give them a toy [Kridaniyaka] which could not only be seen but heard too.They decided to give celestial form of sangeet to the man kind.Now they required a suitable human who had super spiritual ability and one who can convey this art form to the man kind.The great sage 'Narada' became the first recipient of this divine art form.
There are many forms of music but classical music is the best of all.It is not just mere entertainment but it is considered as mortal and spritually redeemer.It is a good sourse of entertainment and it also attach us to the divine power.Todays music is totally based on western style.It is totally meaningless.Well! music or you can say sangeet was given to the human kind as a precious gift by God,but man has never utilised it in a proper manner.In the past music was
considered as a God, as it was so clean,people used to worship it as the Godess of music and knowledge "Saraswati".You can see in the old Hindi films bhajans and classical music was used in a great extent, and people enjoyed it too. Today times have changed.It is said that one should change with times and except the modern form of music, but we never thought that it will change this way and affect our old and mortal music.
Today there is no sur-sangeet,emotions in the songs.Bollywood music directors today consentrate on the western music and composes the same as they say that this kind of music is in demand;even in the Hindi songs English words are being used.This is what our culture is? Now the young generation people don't prefer to hear gazals,bhajans and even old movie songs.In the modern times old Hindi songs are being remixed using western music,this is just meaningless,why they are spoiling the pure and clean music.The new music directors and singers like Jatin-Lalit,Shaan,Sunidhi Chauhan and many more should try to create songs and music that can promote our Indian Classical Music.
The time have come when we all should stand up and raise our voice against these happenings or we will lose our golden music of the past.We must try hard to save the Classical Music and Gazals otherwise our tradition and culture will be lost somewhere with the passing times.India is known for its tradition ,culture and music throughout the world now its up to the existing generation whether to spoil or develop it in this regard.
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Postby megrisoft » Thu Dec 29, 2005 12:33 pm

The origins of Indian classical music (marga), the classical music of India, can be found from the oldest of scriptures, part of the Hindu tradition, the Vedas.
The two main streams of Indian classical music are Hindustani music, from North India, and Carnatic music(Karnataka Sangeet), from South India.
I agree with you on the fact that the western culture is influencing a lot on young generation. They are not ready to listen bhajans & classical music. They can spend whole night in disco and DJ parties, but have no time & interest in their own indian music.
I don't think the whole section on Indian classical music should have been moved out. Still there are many classical music lovers who are displaying their art not only in India but in other countries too.
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