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Postby ahmadbilal » Tue Dec 18, 2007 11:12 am

Thanks for nice sharing.
Now I would like to share a great tip for dry skin treatment and you can find more fashion news and weekly fashion updates at HiPakistan.

In winter, Men and women both deal with dry skin at some time. There are simple beauty tips you can follow to reduce the affects dry skin such as:

1.Drinking plenty of water
2.Avoid over-washing
3.Taking vitamin E.

Take cut back on shower time up to 3 min
Use cooler water to take bath
Try to use mild cleaners
Do not scratch dry and Itchy spots try to apply more moisturizer instead

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Postby megri » Thu Apr 16, 2009 6:44 am


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Postby workhard » Thu Apr 16, 2009 7:39 am

Skin problems have to do more with genetics, and topped up with pollution rather than ethnicity.. there are quite a large number of indian with very good skin and equally large numbers with skin disorders.. i think the same goes for white skin...

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Postby kerlin » Sun May 24, 2009 4:40 pm

I Thought that it was just white skin who have many problems ...
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Postby subisa852 » Thu Jul 16, 2009 1:06 am

There are a lot of ways on how we can take good care of our skin. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle by exercising regularly and having a balanced diet also helps. To avoid pimple and other skin problems I think we should always remove our makeup before we go to sleep. Remember when buying makeup, make sure we choose brands that say "noncomedogenic" or "nonacnegenic" on the label. And throw away old makeup that smells or looks different from when you first bought it.
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Postby priti130389 » Mon Sep 07, 2009 4:54 am

thank a lot 2 skin is very sensitive. u guys really help me to maintain my skin properly....urs ideas ,suggestions and tips all help me.nothing is suits in my skin so i always upset wat to do and wat not to do
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Re: for good skin

Postby subisa852 » Tue Jan 25, 2011 3:05 am

I would like to add this up. Wash your face at least twice each day, using a pure soap such as Ivory, and clean water. Hot water opens pores, so wash with hot water. Cold water closes pores, so splash your face with cold water after washing to ensure that your pores are protected from the environment. Splash with cold water before applying makeup as well.
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