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Eating Healthy - Almonds

Postby subisa852 » Fri Apr 08, 2011 6:36 am

Then what are they? Almonds are known as "drupes." A drupe is a fruit where the outer part of the flesh surrounds a shell. When the shell is removed, a seed is seen. The drupes come from the tree in their shells, shelling is done then the revealed seed is sold or used-- so the almonds that you purchase at the store are actually the seed of the tree.

Treatment can be done to the shell such as blanching. This is where almonds are dipped in hot water to make the seed coat soft and bring out the embryo. Most almond processing companies will blanch all of the almonds before they are sold.There are two types of almonds, the sweet almonds and the bitter ones. The sweet almonds are produced by an almond tree that produces white flower while the bitter ones are produced by a tree that produces pink flowers.

Almonds are a very nutritious source of protein and fiber. Just a handful is enough to keep the body going for 24 hours! They also contain calcium and iron which ensure strong bones and healthy teeth. Antioxidants such as quersetin are present in almonds and they inhibit any occurrence of the growth of cancerous cells in the body. Almonds are said to have the ability to reduce symptoms associated with excessive alcohol intake. They have a way of ridding the body of all toxins.
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