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Postby itschahat » Tue Jul 17, 2007 8:53 am

Once there was a man who walked into a confessional. "tell me your sins" said the priest. "Father," replied the man "I have used some foul language over the weekend and I feel absolutely terrible".

"What made you say such foul language?" asked the priest.

"Well, I was out golfing with a few of my close buddies when it was my turn to take a shot. I got out my lucky club and took a swing. Boy did it go far! And it looked like such an accurate shot too! But it must of been an unlucky day or something, because as soon as it passed over the top of it's arch, a bird swooped down and grabbed it, right out of thin air!"

"Is that when you swore?" asked the priest.

"No, not yet," replied the man." you see, all of a sudden the bird began to fly dangerously low,and none other than a dog appeared out of nowhere and grabbed that ball right out of the birds claws and began to run away."

"Is that when you swore?" asked the priest.

"No..........not yet. You see, the dog was very energetic and began to play with it. He did this for a few seconds, then dropped it in the bushes. I was just about to pick it up when a squirrel came running by, put it in it's mouth, than ran away."

"IS THAT WHEN YOU SWORE?" said the priest, getting impatient.

"No, not exactly. What happened was, the squirrel was heading for the forest when a raccoon started to chase it out of the forest, and the squirrel ran on to the golf course and dropped the ball no farther than six inches from the hole."

"Oh now I see." said the priest. "you missed the damn putt, didn't you?"

- Chahat

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